Houseboat Lohjan Helmi

HouseBoat Lohjan Helmi

Spend a wonderful vacation on lake lohjanjärvi  


HouseBoat Lohjan Helmi offers a new way to spend your vacation surrounded by nature in Lohja, Uusimaa. On Lohjan Helmi you can enjoy summer activities and the beautiful lake view.. Asuntoveneellä pääset  nopeasti lomatunnelmaan ja  nautit kesäisistä aktiviteeteistä ja vaihtuvista järvimaisemista.


Lohjan Helmi is a mobile and well equipped vacation home. Vacation on Lohjan helmi offers a great opportunity to enjoy the Finnish summer. You can go to sauna, swim or sunbathe on the deck. You can also fish and grill on the boat.
lomakoti kaikkine mukavuuksineen. 
Lomailu laivalla, aivan veden äärellä tarjoaa paljon mukavaa kesäistä tekemistä.  Voit saunoa, uida ja ottaa aurinkoa tai vaikka kalastaa ja grillata tuoreen saaliisi.


Vacation on Lohjan Helmi itself is a unique experience but you will also enjoy the freedom of moving around beautiful Lohjanjärvi. House Boat takes you to nature attractions and numerous new experiences. Lohjan Helmi is located right next to the center of Lohja. With Lohjan Helmi you can easily reach all of the natural and cultural sites, restaurants, spa experiences and other leisure destination. You will return back home well-rested and with one amazing experience richer. asuntoveneellä koet myös liikkumisen vapauden. Asuntovene vie sinut lukuisten uusien kokemusten sekä nähtävyyksien äärelle. Lohjan Helmen kotisatama sijaitsee aivan lohjan ytimessä, josta käsin ulottuvillasi ovat kaikki lohjan alueen luonto- ja kulttuurikohteet, ravintolat, spa-elämykset sekä muut vapaa-ajanviettokohteet. Kotiin palaat virkistäytyneenä ja monia uusia kokemuksia rikkaampana. 


The boat is easy to handle and the pace is slow, so this is a great way to spend your vacation with your friends or family. Previous boating experience is certainly beneficial but not necessary. We will of course, give you a vast introduction throughout the boat before you start your vacation. So it will be safe for you. You can also download the user manual below. PDF-file includes manual and thorough instruction for the boat control. Also there is information about sailing at Lohjanjärvi 


Lohjan Helmi laskettiin vesille 03.06 ja kotisatamakin on nyt valmiina ottamaan vastaan vieraita, Operations have now begun for the period -21. So book your own holiday at Lohjan Helmi and spend memorable vacation in the beautiful natural scenery of Lake Lohjanjärvi 





  • Total area is 36 m2 of which the interior part is 18 m2.

  • Lohja Helmi can accommodate 4 people for overnight and up to 6 people for a day trip



  • Lounge with patio doors.
  • Lounge and dining spaces up to 6 people.
  • Sleeping area for two and an extra sofa bed in the lounge.
  • Kitchen equipped: stove, microwave and coffee maker. Pressurized water and sewer.
  • Wooden sauna for 3 people, as well as a shower and toilet space where is access to the deck.
Safety and user manuals


From the boat you will find a manual and thorough instruction for the boat control. The equipment includes:

  • Written manual and safety instructions
  • Appliances list and technical manual

Prices and booking information


Choose days for your vacation and fill your information to the fields below. Your booking will be partially booked for 3 days and it will be confirmed as soon as your booking fee has been confirmed.

Booking fee is 150€, which is deducted from the invoice.

Invoice due date is 10 days before vacation. If you book your vacation less than 10 days advance, rental price will be charged fully at once

Weeks 24-30 have summer prices. 

check-in mainly at 16:00.

And check-out at next day 14:00. Shortest rental time is one day.




                      Normal: Summer prices:  

    1 vrk           380€           460€

    2 vrk           690€           830€

    3 vrk           880€           1060€

    4 vrk           1140€         1370€  

    5 vrk           1420€         1710€

    6 vrk           1680€         2020€

    7 vrk           1940€         2330€


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You also get gift card from us, so surprise your loved ones or friend with a memorable experience

Gift card entitles you to experience day at lohjanjärvi. Contact us and we will send you a gift card.

Contact information


Kokkokallionkatu, 08100 Lohja.

R & S Tiimi Oy:

Jokivirrantie 7, 08680 Lohja

Y-tunnus: 2876577-7

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Juha-Matti Laakso 

Phone: 0440 599545

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Jarmo Liukkonen

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